Viscosity index is a change in viscosity with temperature: Viscosity decreases rapidly with increasing temperature

  • Ex: Parafinique mineral oil, viscosity decreased 7 times when increasing T from 60 to 120 degrees C.
  • The decrease in viscosity as the temperature increases depends on the chemical structure of the oil.
High quality synthetic oil 300 Used for aviation and space industry
Synthetic oil 200 Used for high-end engines, high-end hydraulics, gearboxes, bearing large loads and friction in formula races.
Paraffin mineral oil with improved additives VI 140 Used for high-end engines, high-end hydraulic.
Paraffin mineral oil 100 Used for motors, hydraulics, common gears.
Napthen oil 50 Used for air conditioning, transformers, technology oil …
Aromatic oil 0 Used to plasticize rubber