PECIFICATIONS: Viscosity index

Viscosity index is a change in viscosity with temperature: Viscosity decreases rapidly with increasing temperature Ex: Parafinique mineral oil, viscosity decreased 7 times when increasing T from 60 to 120 degrees C. The decrease in viscosity as the temperature increases …
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Lubricant classification standards?

Lubricant classification standards? 1. Classification by viscosity: – SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers, Automobile Engineers Association): – ISO (International Standards Organization). – NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute, USA National Petroleum Institute) 2. Sort by API (American Petroleum Institute). The quality …
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What is additive?

What is additive? Additives are organic, metallic or inorganic compounds, even chemical elements added to a lubricant, to enhance or deliver the desired properties. Types of additives: – Additives antifreeze. – Additives viscosity index (AVI, AM, VII). – Cleaning additives …
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What is lubricant?

Lubricant is a blend of base oil and additives. Depending on the requirements and purpose of use, we will mix base oil and additives in different types and proportions. The main use of oil: – Lubricating machine parts. – Reduce …
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