Lubricant is a blend of base oil and additives. Depending on the requirements and purpose of use, we will mix base oil and additives in different types and proportions.

The main use of oil:

– Lubricating machine parts.
– Reduce wear and corrosion resistance.
– Clean the surface of components.
– Anti-rust.
– Heat dissipation, cooling.
– Heat transfer in heating.
– Preventing deposits when the machine is running.
– Filling and sealing …

So how many types of original oil does it contain?

Base oil includes 3 types:

1. Mineral oil:
– Basic protection
– Short time use
– Low cost

2. Semi-synthetic oil:
– Increased protection
– Prolonged use time
– Reasonable price

3. Synthetic oil:
– Outstanding protection
– Long using time.
– High price.

Depending on the needs and purpose of use, we will choose mineral oil, synthetic oil or synthetic oil.