One of the key resources of industrial production is the machine system, in which the mechanical gear is a special part of the transmission system, capable of transmitting motion between intersecting axes. cross each other, parallel.

Practice shows that this part is often subjected to frictional forces. Therefore, in order to function properly, they need the right lubricant. This is why industrial gear oils were born! So what is industrial gear oil? And how many types are there? Let’s learn about this oil with Hawaii Oil !

Currently, gear oil is commonly used in companies producing plastic, paper, wood, animal feed, mining units, etc., which is a popular choice for many consumers. ability, lubrication and protection of the gear system, significant cost savings.


Industrial gear oil is a blend of premium base oils and extreme pressure additive systems. In the gear oil composition, it includes 80% base oil and 20% additives for extreme pressure, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, additives to improve viscosity index. Specially formulated, this fluid possesses many strengths to protect gear components optimally.

It is used in gearboxes to reduce friction and wear on gears and bearings, eliminate heat generated, and prevent corrosion of gearbox components.


ANSI/AGMA (American National Standards Institute/American Gear Manufacturers Association) classifies the following four gear oils:

R&O gear oil with oxidation inhibitors, preventing rust.
EP gear oils contain extreme pressure additives
Compounded oil
Synthetic oil
Classification of AGMA gear oils for enclosed gear systems:

AGMA gear oil classification for open gear systems:

The ANSI/AGMA classification is generally used to classify the viscosity of industrial gear oils as shown in the table below:

Industrial gear oil classification table

Hawaii Oil introduces to customers industrial gear oil products HAWAII GEAR EP is multi-grade extreme pressure gear oil, used in gearboxes, differential gear, epicyclic gearing and transmission hypoid systems, operation with high speed, subject to extremely high and heavily shock load operations.


 HAWAII GEAR EP is multi-grade extreme pressure gear oil


  • Formulated with high levels of extreme pressure and anti-wear additives properties to help protect surface metals and extend the life of gearboxes.
  • Very high thermal stability and oxidation resistance help to maintain the properties of oil in all conditions, prevent the formation of sludge and extend the life of oil.
  • Can use the whole year, even in cold weather conditions, easy to start up.
  • SAE 80W/90, API GL-5
  • SAE 85W/140, API GL-5
  • 18/200 Litres


  • Designed for used in gearboxes, differential gear, epicyclic gearing and transmission hypoid systems in car, truck, means of transportation, machinery in construction, industry and agriculture.
  • Used in reduction gearboxes in industry and construction.


Industrial gear oils are typically selected according to equipment manufacturer recommendations based on:

  • Gear type: enclosed gearbox, worm gear or open gears
  •  Viscosity: usually according to ISO VG, mainly single grade.
  • Additive type: depending on application – R&O, EP, compounded (mixture = R&O + fat)
    Base oil type: mineral, PAO, PAG

– Basic but no less important things when replacing or using gear oil:

  • Most users do not pay attention to the periodic oil change for the closed industrial gear system and the gear system under heavy loads, but this has a significant impact on the performance quality of the gear system. teeth and operations, as well as the long life of the system.
  • In the process of using gear oil, it will be degraded by heat (oxidation, pyrolysis), by impurities (dust, water, fuel) and by consumed additives, so after a while it will no longer be guaranteed. lubricating and extreme pressure properties, so it needs to be removed and replaced. Thus, the oil usage time is long or short depending on the quality of the oil, the working conditions of the gears and the surrounding environmental conditions.
    – Periodic oil changes for gear systems are generally recommended by the machine manufacturer according to normal running time and with the specified oil that the user needs to follow. However, under severe operating conditions or adverse environments, the gear oil needs to be changed earlier than the recommended period.


Hopefully, through Hawaii Oil sharing from the above classification of industrial gear oils, it will help readers make the right choice of gear oil for their business machines. If you have a need to use gear oil or need advice, please contact the hotline below for advice and support as soon as possible:

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