Lubricant classification standards?

1. Classification by viscosity:

– SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers, Automobile Engineers Association):
– ISO (International Standards Organization).
– NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute, USA National Petroleum Institute)

2. Sort by API (American Petroleum Institute).
The quality grade of API for gasoline engines is SA, SB, SC, SE, SF, SG, etc. up to the latest level is API SN.
API for diesel engines denoted as CA, CB, CC, CD, …
In which the last letter is used to distinguish levels and is arranged in alphabetical order, the later the letter represents the higher level. For example, the level of API SN is higher than SM, SM is higher than SL.

3. JASO Classification (The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization, Japan).
There are many standards of JASO, but for 4-stroke vehicles, XE NUMBER is JASO MA, XE GA is JASO MB, and 2-stroke cars is JASO FC.

4. ACEA classification (Association of European Automotive Manufacturers, European Automobile Manufacturers Association).

5. ILSAC classification (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee – Lubricant standardization and approval.)